Klagenfurt, the capital of the Austrian federal state Carinthia in the southern part of the country, is also mentioned as "the Rose of Lake Wörthersee".

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The main traffic circle in city centre

The vicinity to the border of Slovenia and Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, creates a Mediterranean climate in the summer, and bright sunny days in the winter. The city is located on the eastern shore of the Lake Wörthersee, which is the warmest and largest alpine lake in Europe with drinking water quality.

Klagenfurt offers a 800-year-old city history to be explored. Experience the centuries in the heart of the city, from the castles of the Middle Ages on to charming old parts of town from the Renaissance age, and the footsteps of the great poets Ingeborg Bachmann and Robert Musil.

Water spouting face on the Bernhard von Spanheim monument.

Neuer Platz - New Square

Legend of Klagenfurt: the man who set the city under water.

The bus station in the centre of Klagenfurt.

Having a coffee in the sun of Klagenfurts Mediterranean climate.